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Chewy Influencers Love Halo Liv-a-Littles Protein Treats

For the past few weeks, influencers were able to try Halo Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats. Here’s what they had to say:

What do you call a fish with a tie? soFISHticated ?? these fish treats don’t wear ties, but they sure are good!!!! They are almost TOO good!!! The human had a hard time getting me to stop inching closer when she was taking this photo! Made from only ONE ingredient… (salmon) and they are freeze dried, not dehydrated. The dog mom loves the container because they don’t get squashed in her bag. I’m against it because I can’t break into the container!!! ?? They have a few other proteins to choose from if fish isn’t your style. Great for pups like me with a sensitive stomach, easy to break up and crumple over food for picky pups like Harley. (We crumpled it over her food and added some water and she went NUTS!) Grab your own at @chewy We were given these treats free of charge in exchange for an honest review. #chewyinfluencer #bostonterriersofinstagram #bostont #bostonterrierpuppy #bostiegram #bostiemom #dogslover #dog #dogsthathike #dogsthatexplore #dogsthatcamp #adventuretime #adventuredogs #ilovemydog #fbpi

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It’s time for our first product review for the new year through our #chewyinfluencer program! ? We received this product for free in exchange for our honest review and experience with the product! ? We chose to review Halo’s Live-A-Little’s whole chicken breast protein treats! @halopets ? ?There’s nothing better than ?? freeze-dried real meat protein treats! These treats are so simple with limited ingredients, perfect for both dogs and cats! I break up the bigger pieces for the cats so it’s easier for them to chew. All four of my fur babies love these treats! That’s two picky dogs and two picky cats! ? Give these a try for your furry family, they’ll love them! Use for the fastest shipping and best prices around! ? #chewy #chewyinfluencer #chewydotcom #welovechewy #happyheelerhound #happy #productreview #halopetsproduct #furbaby #dogsofinstagram #treats #freezedried #dog #dogsofinstaworld #houndsofinstagram #muttsofinstagram #bassethoundmix #redheelermix #acdmix #greatpyreneesmix #colliemix #adorable #sweet #furkid #dogmodel #doglovers #dogslife

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Halo Pets

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Meet Lynette! Your purchases have sponsored her kennel!

Meet beautiful Lynette! As you know we’re sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas, one made possible by your purchase in our PawZaar gift store. Our…

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Former Stray Cat Struts the Stage

Cat Sweet Be a looking into the mirror

Photo Credits:

When people think of animal performers, they often imagine pedigreed pets trained to perfection. However, one little cat in Washington, D.C. defied all those stereotypes and became a star actress on stage – even gaining her own fans and following!

About six or seven years ago, a shelter called Susan Galbraith a few days after she had helped a friend adopt a cat. As Susan relayed the story to us, the shelter told Susan, “We know you have a big heart — you helped your friend. We need you to help this cat.”

Susan initially refused because she wasn’t looking for another cat at that time. However, then the shelter replied, “Oh no, this cat, no one will take this cat. This cat has no fur, she was found in a drainpipe so she is nearly dead and we don’t think she is going to make it, but we would like you to just… give her a home.”

Susan, who has been rescuing animals since she was a kid, decided to see the cat. She revealed, “I went there and sure enough, there was this cat, and it was tiny, huge eyes. It looked like an owlet because it had no fur. I brought it home, sort of tucked in a little blanket. I showed it to my son and he said, ‘Mom, this is too much, that is the ugliest cat I have ever seen.’”

Well, Susan, told her son, “No, no, no…we are going to call her ‘Dante’s Beatrice,’ and [with] that beautiful name, she’s going to be a muse, and she will grow up to be a beautiful cat. And sure enough, when her hair finally grew out…she looks white, but she’s a Silver Point Persian.” The little hairless cat, nicknamed Sweet Bea, defied expectations and turned out to be beautiful, healthy, and loving.

When D.C.’s Shakespeare Theatre Company began preparations to produce Harold Pinter’s play The Collection, they noticed that the script specifically mentions a white cat. As Susan said, “Michael Kahn [the artistic director of the Shakespeare Theatre] was not going to have anything but a live cat.” Michael is a revered director and known for putting on incredible shows.

In addition, Susan revealed that Michael is “quite a cat lover, himself” and even has a cat of his own. However, Michael’s three-legged cat did not fit the script’s description, according to Susan, “so his cat was not going to be able to do the honors on stage.” Instead, the Shakespeare Theatre Company held “pawditions,” as they called them, to find the perfect white cat for their production. Sweet Bea was the lucky cat who won the role. During rehearsals, according to Susan “Michael Kahn… was terribly sweet to” Sweet Bea. He often “rolled over on his little chair and gave her some attention which she obviously loved.”

Photo Credits:

Susan, who is a playwright, actor, and director herself, was thrilled when Sweet Bea won the part. She noted that, “A stage life for a cat isn’t always recommended.” However, Sweet Bea, “did very well, she sat and she looked out, and she did what she was supposed to do.” To help keep Sweet Bea happy, Susan shared that, “When she got off stage she would always get a little treat backstage. She seemed to then do very well with that.”

Susan told us that she and Sweet Bea “would go back and forth to the theatre on the Metro,” D.C.’s subway system. Soon, people began to recognize Sweet Bea and “she had a following!” Susan said that Sweet Bea enjoyed the attention, adding, “she likes people.”

And people like Sweet Bea. Susan revealed that “all the men in the company [of actors]… would come backstage and they would touch Sweet Bea. I always thought it gave them comfort.” Susan also said that it wasn’t just the actors who had a soft spot for Sweet Bea, “All the tech people…they were so kind to Sweet Bea, every single person.” She shared that they “had lots of fun taking little picture of Sweet Bea” around the theatre and with her new friends.

Sweet Bea did well in the show, although, as Susan put it, Sweet Bea “did her own choreography” and it didn’t always match with what the actors expected! Susan said that, “One day she decided to take a walk on the back of the sofa and then hopped off, wandered around the stage, and wandered offstage. It sort of worked for the play, but I think the actors were pretty taken aback!”

Susan got to see the production from backstage and said, “it was an amazing production. Susan thought that the show had particular relevance for “this day and age” because it brought “to light this sense of mystery, but also of multiple truths” and that “is what Pinter is all about.” She continued, “I think ‘cat’ was the inner monologue” of the show. Discussing Pinter and cats, Susan suggested that Pinter possibly saw women as similar to cats – both containing an air of mystery.

Susan reviews shows for During rehearsals, Susan used her writing skills to blog about Sweet Bea’s experiences from Sweet Bea’s point of view. Covering her audition and first rehearsal through opening night, the posts are a great behind-the-scenes look into a complicated production. Writing about the rehearsal of a scene where an actress was holding Sweet Bea, the blog says, “I dug my nails in, oh, just a little, to support her truth of being in distress.” In another post, Sweet Bea shared, “I believe I can inspire others. Hang in, and believe.” We have to agree that Sweet Bea is definitely inspirational.

Now that the show is over Susan told us that Sweet Bea is “very happy to return to her space and her routine.” However, the experience has brought out a bit of the diva in Sweet Bea. Susan shared, laughing, that “now she comes downstairs later than the other cats and kind of looks around, ‘Okay, do I get special food?’” When asked if she thought that she and Sweet Bea would ever act together, Susan joked “that would be dangerous, two divas on the stage!” Sweet Bea lives with one dog and two other cats, but they all get along as a happy family. All the pets are rescue pets and the family even lives down the street from City Dogs, one of Susan’s favorite animal rescue groups.

Sweet Bea proves that it doesn’t matter where an animal comes from, they can still accomplish great things. We asked Susan for her advice for anyone who thinks their pet might be a good fit for the stage. “Negotiate for a private dressing room,” was her biggest piece of advice. The private space can help an animal feel more secure and calm, especially in the otherwise bustling atmosphere of a theatre. Susan continued, “It would have been a lot easier if the cat had been trained,” but that the director had particularly wanted Sweet Bea, an untrained cat. However, despite not having any prior stage experience or particular training, Sweet Bea was perfect for the part.

Sweat Bea backstage

Photo Credits:

However, although Susan is open to Sweet Bea acting again in the future, that’s not why she loves her cat and believes so strongly in adopting animals in need. She said, “first of all rescues are so grateful…I think you don’t choose a rescue, I think a rescue chooses you” and that “they fill an empty spot you didn’t even know was there.”

Susan continued, “They give you so much more, always. I’ve never had an animal where I wasn’t totally surprised [and] delighted… and usually animals will get to know when you need them the most.” Despite Sweet Bea’s fame, Susan said, “when I’m down or when I’m lonely or when I’m sick, she’s there on my pillow.” Rescue animals, she believes, are “there to make us more whole.” Susan concluded that, to her, rescue animals, “…they’re stars, whether they’re on stage or not. The world is their stage.” We’ll give a standing ovation to that.

Halo Pets

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10 Tips for Visiting a Nursing Home with Your Dog

If you’ve been following us on Instagram and Facebook, you know that this year we’ve been spending a great deal of time on nursing home visits. Currently, we have several relatives living…

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A Year of What I’m Wearing Now: The 2017 Edition

A Year of Casual Outfits
January  |  February  |  March  |  April  |  May  |  June  |
July  |  August  |  September  |  October  |  November  |  December

It has officially been three years since I decided to start a new series here at Bubby and Bean called What I’m Wearing Now. I had just done a reader survey, and several people left comments about how since I’d had Essley a year earlier, it seemed that my outfit posts were practically nonexistent. And they were right. While this has never been a fashion or personal style blog, I’d always shared my outfits at least once a month, but it just wasn’t as easy to share posed shots in pretty locations with a baby in tow. I wanted to find ways to continue to share what I was wearing without relying exclusively on outfit posts, and ‘What I’m Wearing Now’ was born. The series was well received, and it’s been fun to continue to do it monthly since then.

I have also put together a mega collage for each year since I started the series, and what you see above is a compilation of 2017. It’s really cool for me to look back and see I wore most in a year (and also which pieces didn’t prove to be sustainable for more than a short time). I hope you enjoy seeing it as well! If you’re interested in specific clothing pieces and where I got them, just click on the links above to see each individual month, where links to every item for that particular month can be found.

And of now, I plan to continue this series into 2018 as well. I’m hoping to share a few actual outfit posts too, old school style. Stay tuned!


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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First Pit Bull police dog in Kansas makes drug bust

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All tied up

This dog was tied up in a Naples street – so we said ‘hello’ to each other.  Hopefully his owner didn’t leave him tied up for too long. 

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Under Construction!

I am happy to announce that a new chapter is in the works!


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Alaska Dog Saves Owner Suffering from Seizures

Photo Credit: Eric Skousen

It’s not common to see a dog loping by himself through the halls of a hospital. However, that very thing happened this summer at Sitka Community Hospital in Sitka, Alaska. A large Labrador Retriever ran down a hall because he knew his owner needed help.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Eric Skousen has cerebral palsy which affects his movement and coordination. The service dogs he has had over the years have helped him with balance and mobility. One dog he had before Thorr was named Pico de Gallo. That dog went with Eric to his job where Eric worked with adults who have mental disorders. These days Thorr and Eric often spend time outdoors where Eric loves to hike and fish.

Although such activities can leave Eric suffering with muscle contractions afterwards, even confining him to bed for multiple days because of the pain, Eric believes in embracing life. He told reporters, “You’ve got to live life, got to enjoy it.” Eric revealed that it was his dad who inspires him to not allow his cerebral palsy to keep him from being active and enjoying life. Discussions with his dad about fishing in Alaska helped inspire Eric to settle in Sitka 11 years ago.

It was after a recent hiking and fishing expedition with Thorr that Eric ended up at Sitka Community Hospital. Although it’s not common for service dogs to stay with their owners in the hospital, Eric was able to keep Thorr with him – and that may have saved Eric’s life. One day while Eric was in the hospital, Ryan Huddlestun, a senior ward clerk, was at the nurse’s station down the hall from Eric’s room. She told reporters, that Thorr “ran up, nudged me twice, made sure I acknowledged he was there, and took off back toward the room” where Eric was having an intense seizure and unable to call for help himself.

Eric later described his dog running through the hospital for help as Thorr’s “Superman thing.” Michele Forto co-owns Alaska Dog Works, the dog training company that gave Thorr his service dog certification. As part of his training, Thorr was taught to seek help if Eric falls, as well as to detect chemical changes in Eric that happen with seizures. However, none of his training included searching for help in a hospital which can be quite a different setting compared to the rest of the world. However, Michele told reporters, “When the recipient and the dog have a good symbiotic relationship, things happen regardless of any training.” She credits the close bond between Eric and Thorr for the dog’s heroic actions, adding “Dogs do magical things.”

Sitka has also recently been in the news due to an Op Ed by Brendan Jones, a Sitka fisherman. Brendan wrote about the dangers of Pebble Mine, a potential mining operation in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The mine would destroy one of the last wild salmon nurseries in the world. As part of Halo’s OrigiNative sourcing, all of the seafood used in Halo pet foods, including salmon, are wild caught fish from certified sustainable fisheries. Halo does this not only because we believe that it provides better nutrition to pets, but that it calls back to a time when all animals were respected. Part of that respect involves protecting the rare nurseries where wild salmon spawn, such as Bristol Bay. To save Bristol Bay and stop Pebble Mine, the National Resource Defense Council is encouraging people to write to officials and has even provided an easy-to-use form letter online. Just as Thorr worked to save Eric, we can work to save the salmon.

Halo Pets

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