As Summer Storms Become More Fierce, How Can You Help Your Cat?

Cats and Summer Storms

Photo Credit: Kelly Reeves

You already know that climate change can affect your cat. You also know that summer storms can become more fierce as a result of changing weather patterns. Whether those storms are simply extra strong thunderstorms, or more dangerous tornadoes and hurricanes, it’s important to prepare to help your cat get through the rough weather as safely and as calmly as possible.

Dr. Jason Nicholas, better known as Dr. J, is the Chief Medical Officer at Preventive Vet. He shared with us some ways to help your cat stay calm during scary summer storms. Frist, make sure that you’re prepared for the big emergency-type storms. We have a post about 7 Ways to Protect Your Pets in an Emergency that is a great place to start. In addition, Dr. J has both a free Emergency and Disaster Prep eBook and advice on assembling an emergency kit. Also, make sure if you live in a hurricane or tornado area that you know where you and your cat can safely shelter if a major storm comes your way. Always remember that if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet.

Another way people can prepare for possible disasters is to work with any pets who might be scared of loud noises. This is helpful both for hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as the less dangerous but still scary summer storms that can whip up fierce winds and knock down branches. After all, more severe thunderstorms mean more loud claps of thunder! Other disaster situations can also involve lots of hustle, bustle, and noise. As a bonus, working with your cat to overcome loud noises will help your cat stay calm on Independence Day or other holidays when people are launching loud fireworks.

“There are training methods to desensitize and counter condition pets to such noises and events, as well as certain supplements and medications that can help,” said Dr. J before cautioning “one thing they shouldn’t do is rely solely on a medication called acepromazine, commonly called Ace.” Ace, he writes in an article, has its place in veterinary medicine but should never be the single therapy to help pets through fearful or anxiety-inducing experiences. He even refers to it as a “chemical straightjacket” since it’s merely a strong tranquilizer that prevents the pet from displaying any outward signs of fear. He notes, “Ace can actually increase a pet’s sensitivity to noises!” Obviously, this is not a great tool when preparing for the possibility of more frequent and more severe storms that will likely have loud wind and thunder. “People really should talk with their vet, or even a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, to help with this condition,” Dr. J advised.

When it’s muggy before a storm, it can feel extra hot outside, and even in our homes. Dr. J notes on his website that cats are good at “finding cool places where they can better regulate their body temperature.” However, there are still things you can do to help your cat feel her best despite the heat. Halo believes that it is important to feed your cat with whole food ingredients, and no “meat meal” of any kind. As Dave Carter, our Director of Sourcing, states in a Facebook video, “We just think that when you go back to that natural, that OrigiNative™ source, you’re getting a whole protein that’s healthier for us and healthier for our companion animals.” In addition, although the rain might fall with force outside during summer storms, it’s important to keep your cat hydrated. We recommend adding wet food in summer months. Of course, also make sure that they have access to fresh, clean water for drinking. Dr. J. writes that if your cat eats wet food, it’s possible for them to consume half of their daily needed water from the wet food alone!

Our cats do so much for us, it’s important that we do our best for them. All of our halos shine brightest when nurtured in a heartfelt, two-way, human-animal bond. Feed your cat nutritious Halo food, prepare for disasters, and help her cope with loud noises that come during scary storms – that bond will be strong, healthy, and thriving. Doesn’t that sound purr-fect?

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This is the face of a hero

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Retrieverman Podcast

Tomorrow I will be releasing the first installment of “The Retrieverman Podcast.”

I should be up by 12:00 PM Eastern, and I plan on having a new installment up every Sunday at about the same time.

Natural History

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Celebrate International Cat Day with Halo®

International Cat Day

Halo is giving pet parents one free can of our holistic natural cat food. Simply go to, print your coupon, and redeem it at your local Halo retailer.

We will match every can of wet cat food we give away with a bowl of cat food donated to a shelter, in partnership with and Plus, all pet parents who redeem a free can of Halo cat food or post a picture of their cat with #HaloPets and tag their favorite shelter will also be eligible to win 10,000 nutritious bowls of Halo to donate to a shelter of their choice.

The coupon can only be used on International Cat Day itself, August 8, 2018, and while supplies last.

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Donna, thanks so much for addressing this paralle…

Donna, thanks so much for addressing this parallel. When my own girl, Daisy, joined me in 2001, it became devastatingly clear that the model of thought that engenders pit bull-type prejudice is inevitably linked to human ethnicity prejudice. When Daisy joined me, I had no idea that "pit bulls" were a thing. Except that my girl was one, I had no idea that dog breeds could be a target of prejudice. My girl taught me to always greet hatred with love and compassion, even joy. It came to be that while we stood shoulder to shoulder, we were standing for not only ourselves, but for all sentient beings. Tolerance and kindness is non-negotiable, and while it may never become the baseline, I hope that by working together, it may at least become socially formative across ALL demo graphics.

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The Dying Time of Summer

Haymakers 1785 by George Stubbs 1724-1806

It is that time of year when summer dies. Its arrival is announced as the nights grow cooler, draw in a little longer, and the songbirds cease their singing. The katydids stridulate their hot love songs in the trees at night. And that thick grass of autumn begin shooting out their first growth. And the dipping sun casts steeper and steeper angles.  An autumnal feel seeps into all existence now and thoughts of the dying summer pervade my conscience.

A dead cat’s bones sit like macabre porcelain in a highway ditch. Perhaps just now independent of his maternal clan, this poor young tom met its demise at the wheels of a speeding car. Maybe he’d just now set out on a new world of adventure of his own, where there are no big toms to slap his face. But in that second he made contact with the car, all that potential life was wiped away, He rotted in the sun for a few days. The flies buzzed his hide. Then the maggots ate away its flesh, and now it is nothing more than the perfect skeleton, bleaching white as the summer sun begins its deep sinking.

The leaves on the hazelnut trees are turning. In a month, the red maples will have some leaves with orange tips.

The corn is ripe, and the harvest machines will be coming on soon. The raccoons will eat their late August repast. Their hides will bulge with corn-infused fat, and they will be ready for a winter full of trapping, baying hounds, and the wildness of mating season.

New times are coming. The feeling is subtle at first, but then it becomes overwhelming. The Age of Photosynthesis will soon give way to the bountiful harvest, the stark austerity of the December wood.

And each year, the cycle of the seasons is shorter and shorter. The days are the same length, but with each passing year, my perception is oddly distorted. And it is distorted in the way of speeding things up.

With each iteration of a year, I have noticed this cognitive distortion, and it is the odd reminder that life is precious but quite fleeting.

Our species lives decades, but the decades will run faster and faster, like a cheetah just launched upon a gazelle. The gazelle twists and turns, each second hoping to avoid that deadly acceleration.

I always have this morose feeling in August, which soon passes when the first truly crisp days of September come slipping in.

August is the dying time for summer. The children will soon be trundling back to the school houses. The buses will be motoring along country lanes. And when I was a child, I felt the deep sadness that my days of long sylvan excursions would be abruptly ended when the calendar announced August’s arrival.

I remember one day in late August, just before I returned for another year of undergrad. Goldie, the redoubtable working golden retriever, and Kizzy, the broad-chested beast of a demi-boxer, went for a long walk along the ridges. Goldie was then so-white faced that she took on the bearing of sage of dogs, while Kizzy was still young enough to look positively bestial.

In my own stupidity, I took a wrong turn down a game trail, and then, realizing my error, tried to work my way back to familiar ground. I found myself walking around in odd little circles. but then I realized I should look at the dogs and see what they knew. After all, they spent much of their time casting down game trails where we inferior bipeds dare not to travel.

A sensitive and intuitive dog, a Goldie sensed my loss of bearings, and she stared at my eyes. A coquettish grin passed her lips, and she bolted through a big stand of autumn olive. I followed her course as best I could, and within just a few yards of bushwhacking, I found that I was back on the main tram road out of the woods. And I wandered home with both of my woods dogs

Two winters later, Goldie began having seizures. A brain tumor was suspected, but nothing could be done, and the last month of her life, she was but a shell of herself. She was lost and staggering around on the lawn, and I remember back to that day when she found the woods trails better than I ever could.

The sun is dipping away, but it will return. But not after a season of bright leaves that ends with woodland all stark and naked and gray and then is replaced by a few months of driving snow and long warring spells between freeze and thaw.

Some day, the coursing of the years will catch up to me too. I will fall just as golden retrievers and alley cats and raccoons do. My elements will return to the cosmos which begat all this thing we call existence.

And the dying time of summer will come again and again until the sun finally ceases burning and churning away.

This time came before I was born, and it will continue after. I here but for a few decades to witness it. And feel this odd morose feeling that it’s dying and I wish that it were not.

And the same deep glowing angles that illuminate the gold in a sable German shepherd’s coat tell us of the death that is coming.

And of the new times that are on the way.

Natural History

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These scientists believe small dogs lie about their body size when they pee

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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My Obsession with Wall Mirrors as Decor

8 Gorgeous Boho Wall Mirrors

Ever since we got this mirror for our laundry room remodel project, I have been on an obsessive journey to outfit every room in our house with a mirror. I remember thinking my mom was completely weird for hanging framed mirrors in our house growing up in places where most people would hang art, but now it all makes sense. I get it, man. Mirrors as decor add depth and layers to a space, and they’re functional too. The perfect decor package, my friends. The mirrors you see above are some I’m particularly fond of right now.

Anybody else a major wall mirror fan when it comes to home decor?


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Links I Love

I posted a Links I Love a few weeks ago after not sharing one for months and month, and a few of you told me that you’d missed the posts (one person said “they’re my end of week pick-me-ups,” which I thought was pretty awesome), so I’m going to try to start sharing them once a month or so. I admittedly don’t spend nearly as much time just surfing the internet (do people still say “surfing the net?”) as I did when I was still nursing Emmett (we stopped in May), but if a week passes where I’ve found enough cool stuff, I’ll do my best to share. Sharing is caring and all that.

Target’s new clothing line, Wild Fable, was just released today and I’m kind of loving it.

Can’t stop laughing at these illustrated solutions to “summer boob sweat.”

Feel so weird that it’s already back-to-school season (please summer never leave), but I’ve admittedly been having fun school clothes shopping with Essley. We took advantage of the awesome sale Abercrombie Kids has right now for 40% off kids jeans, tops, hoodies, and more.

Is the skinny brow look on its way back? I have always been a big bushy eyebrow lover. Even in the late 90s, when I plucked mine away to nothing, I secretly couldn’t wait for big ones to come back. But now that caterpillar brows are bigger than ever, it looks like Rihanna and British Vogue have other ideas

These wide leg cropped jeans are giving me life. Buying this weekend.

These conceptual illustrations by Stephan Schmitz about life are so, so good.

Our laundry room remodel felt so big, but we’ve got a much larger remodel project in front of us within the next year – our kitchen. I’m thinking white upper cabinets (I love open shelving but I’m also realistic) and great lower cabinets, but I kind of want to do something totally different for the island and am loving these different colored island examples.

I love this rug so much (seen in image above), mainly because I feel like it wouldn’t look instantly destroyed by my children.

This court audio of immigrated parents separated from their kids is heartbreaking.

One of the wonders of the world is on Air BnB.

I’m totally cheating because this is a link from Bubby and Bean (and it’s also from last week, not this one), but if you haven’t seen this post on how to create storage in a small space (with a focus on our new laundry room), I’d love for you to check it out. It’s one of my favorite posts I’ve ever done.

What if our plastic waste was turned into floating parks?

I can’t stop looking at this mirror. (My wall mirror obsession is very real, guys.)

This quote by Julia Styles on motherhood and social media comments nails it.

Yay for Friday and the weekend! Whatever you have planned, I hope it’s a good one.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Helping Dogs Left Homeless by the CA Wildfires

(Video courtesy ABC7 News.) Looking for a way to help dogs rescued from the California wildfires? Look no further! The video lists needed supplies, but if you’re not in the area, I’m sure they’d appreciate cold, hard cash, as well! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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