Happy National Hairball Awareness day!

It’s National Hairball Awareness day, and Snooki and I would like to remind you all of the importance of good deshedding on your pets. So to celebrate, here are 3 reasons you should remember to groom your dog or cat regularly:

1. Having to tell a guest “Excuse me, you have a fur tumbleweed on your butt” is really embarrassing.

2. Stepping in a wet hacked up furball in the middle of the night is, short of stepping on a snail barefoot, one of the grossest things that can happen to you. *squish*

3. Removing the hair before your cat ingests it is much easier than trying to get them to eat that furball lube they sell.

But don’t take it just from us. Plenty of other celebrities also recognize the importance of hairball awareness:

Ellen DeGeneres

Katy Perry

Conan O’Brien

Just to name a few.

And just to make your day awful, I learned today that the world’s largest hairball weighed 10 pounds and was removed from a human. I don’t think any cats have managed a ten pounder, though Apollo’s come close once or twice.

Hairball Awareness Day and the celebrity look-alike contest were sponsored by Furminator, who would like to remind you all that making fur celebrities out of dry hair is much more fun than cleaning soggy regurgitated fur off the carpet. Have a good weekend!

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