10 Great Salad Recipes

10 Great Salad Recipes // Bubby and Bean

Yes, this is the third 10 Great in a row where I’m featuring something that can be consumed. But unlike the indulgent holiday cocktail and cookie recipes of the last two, this time around we’re focusing on something healthy (or, at least somewhat healthy, depending on how crazy you want to get): the salad. Despite the fact that I’ve been a vegetarian for more of my life than not, I was never a big salad fan until a couple of years ago. To me, salads were either too boring (oh, look, some chopped iceberg, yay) or too excessive (if you’re going to drown your baby spinach in creamy dressing and meat cubes, why not just go for some delicious cheese fries, ya know?). But I’ve discovered that with a nice balanced mix of greens, veggies, healthy fats, maybe a little protein, and just a dash of dressing or spice, the salad can be an awfully satisfying meal – one that I even crave these days. The recipes you see here are either ones I’ve recently tried or have on my list to make this month. If you have any favorites of your own, please share in the comments! I’m always on the look out for creative salad ideas.

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