2 Million Dogs Funds Bone Cancer Study

Bone cancer is a curious thing.  Fairly rare in humans.   Fairly common in large breed dogs.  And even though we share no evolutionary link with our canine counterparts, it looks the same, spreads the same so what’s up? 
I wasn’t able to discover any answers before I lost Malcolm to this aggressive form of cancer back in 2006 and walking across 16 states to find out why didn’t give me any greater insights.  
So I’m pleased to announce that 2 Million Dogs is donating $ 20,000 to Broad Institute for an osteosarcoma study.  I’m sure many of you, like myself, have never heard of Broad before and I highly recommend that you learn more about them.   
They’re a collaboration between MIT, Harvard, Mass Gen, and Dana Farber, and they’re also the folks behind mapping the canine genome. I’ve toured their facilities in Cambridge and let me tell you, it’s state of the art.   Broad is a game changer in genomics research and comparative biology and this is what appeals to me most as what we are trying to accomplish at 2 Million Dogs has never been done before.  
I could not be more pleased with funding a study there and I want to thank the Board of 2 Million Dogs and our fearless leader, Ginger Morgan.  We set the bar high this year and 2013 is going to be even bigger.  And a shout out to all of the city organizers and sponsors, also fearless leaders, who make this all possible.  
“There’s nothing like a dream to create the future” Victor Hugo

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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