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As good as Frontline

My poor poochie has the most sensitive skin and flea allergic dermatitis. Fiproguard works just as well as Frontline for her and she is very happy now. :)

Fleas have adapted?

Despite negative reviews, I wanted to give this a chance. I'd heard this was an effective treatment. Well, I put it on my cats days ago and even brushed it into their coat yesterday. and Today I found a live flea on one. And I haven't even gone through them with a fine-toothed comb. I am going to try alternative flea solutions I found online.

great product!


Works well

I was nervous getting this because I never heard of it but I got it becuase its the same stuff in the "leading brand". I have no complaints.

Buyer Beware...

I have used Frontline and other items on and around my cat over the years, with no ill effects. With THIS product, however, I almost had to rush him to the emergency vet! He was panting, breathing very shallowly, meowing and could take no peace... he kept moving from place to place and hiding in weird areas.

The fleas *did* react, but at what cost? I called the hotline and was told to bathe my cat in Dawn detergent, to get the oils off of him. That helped mildly but he was still reacting for a few days. I then saw that there is a website devoted to people whose animals have reacted to the dog version of this, (and a few cat owners also). This has been going on for years and, although the company claims that side effects are rare, over 250 posts say differently. One person's cat died and, when I spoke with my vet today, they said that they have had cats seize with this product.

The active ingredients may be the same but the REST is not. For the safety of your animal please research all options before using this. I used it properly, and followed the directions to a "t". My cat couldn't have licked the spot where I put it if he had wanted to, though the company suggested that the only reactions would be due to this. I am sorry but that is incorrect. Some ingredient(s) in this product makes life very unpleasant for cats and could damage them. Research reactions to this on google and you will see that they are *not* rare.

It did not kill my dogs!

It seems that every time I bring an off-brand product to the counter at my local pet superstore I am informed, in so many words, that it might lead to my pet's ultimate demise. While I do wonder why they even offer these products if they're so deadly; I have developed the helpful habit of always asking "will this kill my dog?" before checking out. I asked the same question when I saw what appeared to be the same thing as Frontline Plus for Dogs - Small - up to 22 lb - 3 pk (up to 10 kg) at a cheaper price. Amazingly, I actually got the green light this time. I was assured that Fiproguard Plus is available now because Frontline's patent lapsed and Fiproguard picked up the formula. I was also told that it would not kill my dog.

I actually have two dogs, a one year old Papillon and an eight year old Pomeranian. I have applied Fiproguard Plus to both dogs and they are still very much alive...and flealess. Our Papillon did experience very mild irritation at the application site, but nothing serious. Because this is our first application of this product, I will definitely return to this review to update it if any weird reactions occur. If you're like me, you might be a little hesitant to try new things on your pups, so if this review is more than a week old and I have not returned to state otherwise, you can assume that this product works and did not harm my dogs in any way.

Another helpful point is that the picture of the box associated with this product posting is for all dogs 22 pounds and under that are over eight weeks old. I would assume that this is the product that you will receive if you purchase it through this listing.

Fiproguard Flea and Tick Topical for Dogs less than 22-Pound

Much cheaper version of Frontline and works just as well. I have used Frontline until now, tried this product and had no problems with it and it works great.

Good quality for lower price!

I find this works just as well as the Frontline product. I couldn't tell the difference. I tried to save even more money and buy the Walmart brand, but Fiproguard Plus works better than the Walmart brand. Hope this helps!


it seemed to work ok but not for 30 days more like 2 to 3 weeks dont think i would buy again

Front Line ingredients, generic price!

Fiproguard Plus worked wonders with my flea-bag cats. Its been just two days since the initial application and all of their fleas are dead!